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5 Top Signs Your House AC Unit Is Failing

In the summer, your home’s air conditioning (AC) unit is one of the most important appliances. It keeps your home cool, making your space a comfortable haven and respite from the scorching heat of the outdoors. Nevertheless, for various reasons, your air conditioning unit can experience multiple issues that affect its performance. Ultimately, it can fail altogether, which is often the case when it lacks regular maintenance. You shouldn’t wait till it breaks down completely before contacting an expert. Any of the following signs is a sure way to tell that your house air conditioning unit is failing:

#1. When the condenser fails to come on

The air conditioning unit’s outdoor condenser is one of its most essential components. And when it fails to come on, it’s a sure sign that your AC unit is failing.

While this issue may stem from various factors, you can troubleshoot by checking if the air conditioning unit is getting sufficient power. Also, try lowering or increasing the temperature to see if it comes on.

If these efforts aren’t successful, you most likely have issues with the compressor, and you should have an expert come to check it out.

#2. When you have increased energy bills

One of the most obvious signs of a failing house air conditioning unit is a sudden increase in energy bills.

A faulty air conditioning unit will often consume more power than usual as it works doubly to cool your home. In such situations, you may need to fix a problematic component in the unit or get a replacement altogether.

So, don’t neglect to contact a professional to help you assess the unit for energy leaks, AC efficiency, insulation levels, and ductwork problems. They will help you carry out the necessary fixes and keep you from paying inflated energy bills.

#3. When there is weak/poor airflow

Summer is that time of year when you want your air conditioning unit to function at its very best. It’s also the period when it’s easiest for you to notice any weak airflow from the unit.

In such cases, some parts of the house aren’t as cool as others as the airflow isn’t sufficient to uniformly circulate the entire space. Weak airflow from the vents is likely due to blocked or damaged ductwork or compressor issues.

By contacting a professional for early diagnosis, you can mitigate the damage and get the unit working normally before it damages further and requires a complete replacement.

#4. When there are strange noises from the appliance

Modern air conditioning units come with technology that makes them run noiselessly. An optimally functional air conditioning unit will make zero noises. On the other hand, units that develop strange creaking, grinding, squealing, or whistling sounds often have issues.

Such symptoms show that the unit is under great strain and requires the attention of an expert to diagnose and effect a fix.

#5. When bad odors are coming out of the appliance

If you notice a foul smell coming from the air conditioning unit, it’s a sure sign that it’s failing. This is often a result of clogged or dirty air filters.

Modern AC units improve indoor air quality by eliminating bad interior air and replacing it with fresh air. So bad odors are a symptom that the unit needs attention.

Stay cool and comfortable all summer with a functional AC unit

The last thing you want to deal with as the summer heat intensifies is a bad AC unit. Your home will be unbearably uncomfortable, air quality will reduce, and your overall well-being may take a hit.

You don’t want any of these. Neither do we! One of our technicians can visit your home, assess the issue, and tackle it before it gets out of hand. Schedule a service today.


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