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Water Conditioning

Soft Water

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Avoid Particle Build-Up in Your Water with a Water Softening System

Did you know that your water may be bad for drinking, cause problems with cleaning, and damage appliances? Undesired pollutants enter your water from wells and municipal water supplies. Most city water has heightened levels of Chlorine. Even if you don drink your tap water, the chlorine can leach into your skin from showers and washing hands.  If they are not cleaned or conditioned out, the hard water or chemicals will take a toll on your plumbing, appliances, and health. With the appropriate water systems, you can enjoy quality soft water and clean.

With a water softening system from Family Heating & Cooling, you can avoid irksome particle buildup and potential long-term health issues related to the use of hard water. Our water softeners offer numerous benefits:

  • Laundry — use up to 50% less soap!

  • Water heaters — reduce energy usage by up to 57%!

  • Showerheads — hard water can lead to up to 75% reduction in flow rate

  • Plumbing — avoid obstructions caused by a buildup

With a huge range in the quality of water softeners on the market today, it's important to avoid the cheap, disposable types and the over-priced systems. Work with our experts to find the reliable water softener system that best fits your needs.

With years of experience and many dependable systems on hand, we'll have your water softened and cleaned in no time. Call today or use our contact form to request your free estimate on a new water softener.

What to Expect and What you May Not Know


Hard water has extra metal ions and dissolved rocks in it. The most common pollutants are calcium, magnesium, chlorine, iron, and sediment. Every gallon of untreated water has the equivalent of 3-4 dissolved aspirin-sized rocks in it. That means your body and kidneys have to work harder to filter it out.


Since the extra particles are not removed by a cleaning method such as running the water over limestone, they can accumulate in your body, in your appliances, and in your bathroom fixtures.


  • Scratchy towels

  • Stiff bed linens and clothes

  • Fabrics that break down prematurely

  • Chlorine and iron tastes in tap water

  • Soaps, shampoos, and detergents that lather poorly and rinse slowly

  • Cloudy, spotted glassware that even the best dishwasher can’t fix

  • Mineral deposits on bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures

  • Hard-to-remove stains in sinks, toilets, and showers

Soft Water Texture

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