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Replacing Old AC Systems and Maintenance

Replacing your old AC system isn't necessarily the most pocket-friendly upgrade, and with other things to worry about, it's normal to want to find ways to make it last longer.

Are you considering the pros and cons of replacing your old AC system vs. maintenance? Lehigh Valley's #1 AC contractors examine the common problems with old AC systems, maintenance tips, and when to replace your AC unit. 

Common problems with old AC systems

Your old AC unit has been working hard for years, making it prone to issues. Here are some of the most common problems with old AC systems: 

  • Air conditioner won't turn off

Sometimes, your old AC system won't turn off, leading to high energy consumption and increased utility bills. This problem could be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. You can also check for tripped circuit breakers. If none of this helps, call in the AC contractors to have a look.  

  • Clogged filters

Clogged and dirty filters are some of the most common problems with old AC systems. When this happens, the air conditioning doesn't operate optimally, reducing the airflow and even causing the AC unit to freeze.

  • AC leaking refrigerant 

This occurs when the coolant in the AC unit begins to leak. You may notice that your AC doesn't cool the indoors as well as it used to. You may also see freezing coils or hear a hissing sound from the system. 

AC leaking refrigerant is also an environmental issue, making it crucial to fix it as soon as possible. If you notice signs of leaking fluids, contact the AC contractors at Family Heating & Cooling immediately. 

  • General wear and tear

If you use your AC unit regularly, it will naturally wear out. This kind of degradation could cause different issues, from the fans getting loose to dust clogging the air filters. Regular check-ups and maintenance can help prevent and fix problems caused by wear and tear. Call the AC contractors today to schedule regular maintenance sessions. 

Maintaining old AC systems

With old AC systems prone to failure, you can adopt these handy maintenance tips to keep them working efficiently for longer:

  • Change the filters

Changing the filters is one of the quickest ways to keep your old AC unit in good condition and improve indoor air quality. Ensure you opt for air filters with a MERV rating of 6 or higher for the best result.

  • Clean the condenser

Air conditioners work by absorbing exterior heat and releasing it into the air outside. For them to function properly, the condenser coils have to stay clean. To do this, switch the unit off, remove the lid from the condenser, and vacuum any debris.

  • Inspect the outdoor unit

Over time, stones and debris can get lodged in the outdoor unit, leading to possible damage or pipe leakage. Thus, a good maintenance practice is to inspect the outdoor unit for signs of damage physically and clean it out as required.

Signs it's time to replace your old AC system

You could be on top of your AC maintenance game. But eventually, your AC unit will need replacement. When you notice these signs, the top Lehigh Valley AC contractors will be happy to help:

  • If your AC unit is over 15 years old, consider replacing it.

  • Is your AC system requiring frequent repairs? You will save money in the long run by replacing it. 

  • If you have a zoning system and some zones are not cooled, you may have to replace the whole system.

  • An unexpected increase in your energy bills indicates that your AC unit is losing efficiency. Consider replacing it with a newer model.

  • If you are hearing unusual sounds, notice leaks around the AC, or see rust, it may be time for a replacement.

Contact the #1 Lehigh Valley AC contractors for repairs or replacement

While you can carry out some AC unit maintenance on your own, older units are more fragile, and tampering with them may result in more significant issues.

At Family Heating & Cooling, we offer dependable maintenance services for your AC unit in Lehigh Valley and can provide expert advice and installation if you're seeking a replacement. Contact us today!



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